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KCP Styled Club

The KCP Styled Club is open to all photographers regardless of your skills level or gear. 

The club was created for photographers who long to shoot the more styled set ups and elaborate themed sessions but do not have access to the funds or models to do so alone.

That’s where the club comes in.
Every month we will set up a styled session with elaborate models, make up, hair dressers, costumes and props and for a fee you can bring your camera and come enjoy the day with us. 

It is more relaxed than our mentorship program which is focused on teaching complete novice photographers the ropes and therefore will be offered MUCH cheaper too.

The sessions will be offered in GAUTENG and each month will be a different theme.  Most will include horses but some might be other animals and people to push you out of your comfort zone and make you get creative.

WHERE: The sessions will be location dependent so they will not be in one location only.  You will have to travel around a little but the sessions will always be worth it!
 Mainly we will try stay central between Midrand/PTA/JHB South but there will also be additional shoots that might require you to travel further eg: Schweizer-Reneke for a VERY special shoot coming up soon!

WHAT DO YOU GET: All the models, animals, wardrobes, make up, hair, permissions, arrangements, transport of the models and animals, set up, staging, props and clean up will be done FOR YOU! You just arrive and enjoy the shooting experience! 
There is also no restriction on how you get to use your images.  Other clubs do not let you license your images for any profit margin afterwards where we do not limit you.

PRICE: The best part – its ONLY R500 per person per month to join the club (payable by the 3rd of every month).

If you pay 12 months ahead (it will run from March 2022 – March 2023) you get it at R5000 (payable by 3rd March)

If you only want to join individual sessions (non-club prices) its R899 per photographer and must be booked and paid for by the 3rd of the previous month to the shoot you are choosing.

To enroll please download the Club Forms to the right, fill them in and send it, along with your first months POP to krizelda@gmail.com

Next Upcoming Sessions MARCH


Vikings on the Beach

This session will feature VICEROY THE LIBERTY HORSE in a Viking Themed set on the beach. 

There will be models dressed as vikings with other breeds of horses too.

Viceroy is a trick trained horse which makes for strong dramatic imagery

Our previous Viking Themed session pictured to the left was a massive success and we want to work on making this one even better!