Learn Photography

Workshops & Styled Sessions

All photographers have a niche regardless of their skill levels. Unfortunately the elaborate lavishly styled sessions we all love to photograph come at either great cost or great frustrations as we are not experienced enough to style sessions to the best of our ability.

For this reason I have created Workshops and Styled sessions.

Our Workshops are designed to help you as an amateur or hobby photographer learn new things, whether its camera settings, posing, styling or my anything to do with EQUINE photography.  This is the only subject that we run a full intense workshop on currently.

The Styled Sessions are designed for all approved Photographers that would like to shoot something special for the fun of it or to build up their portfolio without having to arrange the entire production and carry the cost if it alone.

Everything will be arranged, styled and set up for you including models (human & animal), props, venues and wardrobes for the models.
The sessions have 6 – 10 photographers at once and costs will vary between themes.

Our styled sessions will be themed and styled differently each time but will always have a core subject of horses, pets, children and a lot of the time some or all of these combined.

These sessions are more cost effective to attend and help & guidance will still be provided even though they are not technically workshops.

Please see a list of upcoming Styled Sessions by clicking below