"If you do not think photography is important, wait until photos are all you have left"

~ Krizelda Carelse Photography
About Krizelda

We take photos as a return ticket to a precious moment, otherwise gone

Krizelda Carelse is an internationally published Equine photographer but also works in the fields of child, pet, automotive and human photography.

Having grown up with animals her whole life and studied veterinary nursing before submerging herself into photography she understands their reactions and anxiety and always takes great care to keep them comfortable and safe while creating lasting memories for their owners

Krizelda also ran a riding center for several years and has developed the patience needed to work with young kids. Because of this one of her favorite specialties is themed pony and child shoots.

Safety is of utmost importance when it come to photographing your animals and children and Krizelda always shoots while keeping this in mind as a priority.

Based in Vereeniging but she travels to her clients, the majority being in Midrand/PTA and Potch but she also makes 2 KZN trips per year.

2021 saw Krizelda launching a Photography Mentorship Program where she helps amateur photographers develop their skill both in camera and in post processing.

Several Photography Workshops and Assisted Styled sessions are also arranged through out the year for aspiring photographers to join without carrying the drastic costs of styling an entire shoot for an addition to their portfolio and experience in the field

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